CATCH Training with Jo

It was dawn on Saturday morning when 25 sleepy Great Explorations after-school staff arrived at Houghton High School for our official CATCH Kid’s Club training. After a quick breakfast of GO foods such as fruit and whole wheat bagels, our trainer Jo had us hit the ground running, almost literally, as she led us through a series of icebreaker activities that left the group smiling and excited to learn more.

Throughout the day Jo taught the group about the important impact that programs such as CATCH can have of the health of children, basic nutrition principles, games that focus on moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and class management strategies. All of the attendees had ample opportunity to test sports equipment and a multitude of games both as participants and leaders.

By the end of the day I could hear conversations buzzing around the room about what strategies site staff were going to use at their respective schools. Feedback was very positive with phrases such as “great and very interactive”, “fantastic training”, “fun and exciting” or “awesome” dotting the evaluation sheets collected afterwards. Each site took home a CATCH activity box that will provide them with endless game possibilities.

I am excited to continue working with all of the GE sites to fully implement the CATCH Kid’s Club curriculum. Our goal is to support the development of happy, healthy kids at all of our area schools.

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