New Sheriff in Town (at the WUPHD)!

This is an exciting time for me to be a part of the WUPHD team working on nutrition and health in the community.  I’m excited to begin the adventure of teaching school health classrooms while adding the component of physical activity to every health lesson taught from the CATCH, Michigan Model, and Life Skills curricula.  Along with teaching area students on the importance of health and wellness, having an impact on community health policies is another area of interest to me as well.  Seeing positive change in the community and its impact is extremely rewarding and I feel fortunate to be part of such a dynamic group at the WUPHD.

My recent work at the Health Department includes visits to 5 different schools (Houghton, Hancock, Dollar Bay, Chassell, and South Range).  These schedules are on-going and will be regular until the end of the current school year.

The next focus will be contacting schools in the CATCH-UP grant and maintaining or beginning health/wellness committees that will include school personnel as well as students and parents.  These committees, once formed, will begin making positive change that can influence their school.  Some of the influence possibly (depending on the interests of the school and committee members) will come from policy changes and some will come from organizing fun programming, like walk or bike to school days or serving healthy snacks at school functions.


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