One Month Down

After working a month at the WUPHD, it has been an experience getting back to the wellness world. Talking about health and working with people that are completely passionate about the health of the community is exciting and satisfying.

It has been exciting to work with school aged children talking to them about the importance of physical activity and nutrition.  I have been fortunate to regularly visit five different schools (Houghton, Hancock, Chassell, South Range, Dollar Bay elementary schools) teaching the Michigan Model and Life Skills components while adding the CATCH curricula simultaneously.  Walking in to the classrooms with a health message finished up by games solidifies the health lessons and help children concentrate while I’m speaking and I believe their attention in class is improved after I leave the classroom.

Due to the positive feedback from the teachers and I have been invited to continue the lessons for an entire 6 – 8 week session.  Now that classrooms are booked and are continuing, it is time to work on policy changes in the community and the schools.


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