Fitness in the Classroom

Bringing health and fitness to over 350 kids a week has been amazing to watch kids get energized with regular visits.  I realize these visits interrupt the typical day with fun activities so it is obvious the kids would be excited for our visits.  When these visits are compounded by positive feedback from the teachers, then I feel I’m doing my job.  Helping kids get their 60 minutes of exercise a day without realizing they are exercising is entertaining to watch.  The minute a Hula Hoop or a large ball encased in a quilt enters their classroom the looks on their faces give away to laughter and pure delight.   Games that incorporate fair play and continual movement as they pretend to be alligators, lizards, and dogs with hurt legs is good for strengthening muscles, especially upper body and core muscles.  Sitting in chairs behind desks definitely doesn’t produce this sort of movement.  Research has proven physical activity improves a children’s behavior, school performance, and self esteem.  Isn’t this what we want for all our children?  This is what the CATCH program is all about and one of our main goals at the Health Promotion division of the WUPHD.



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