K-5 Programs

CATCH UP’s K-5 Program will take an integrated approach to student health. Components include: 

  • Engaging classroom lessons that align with the Michigan Model for Health
  • CATCH activities for PE classes that focus on inclusive, non-competitive games
  • Efforts to improve school cafeteria meals and vending offerings
  • Providing students with a healthy learning environment that is supported by teachers, staff and school activities
  • Wellness policy review and modifications

CATCH in the initial five K-5 schools will roll out in 3 phases:

  1. School Wellness Committee Planning (Winter 2012) – visioning, policy assessment, goal-setting, and strategic planning
  2. Teacher & staff training (Spring 2013/Fall 2013) – CATCH classroom and Physical Educaton curriculum; CATCH in the Cafeteria
  3. CATCH Kick-off (Fall 2013) – Introduce CATCH with exciting activities and events
  4. School-wide CATCH implementation (Fall 2013) – CATCH will be integrated into the school day through classroom lessons, cafeteria support and additional wellness activities

If you are interested in becoming a CATCH UP school, please visit our Contact page.

CATCH UP’s initial 7 schools include: Houghton, Hancock, Dollar Bay, Lake Linden, L’Anse and Bessemer Elementary Schools along with the Copper Country ISD Learning Center.


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